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Septembers Baby Safety Month

September 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well September is Baby Safety month. So in honor of that I will be sharing some tips. Tips on how to capture those amazing images during a newborn session all while keeping the baby safe.

There is no real order of steps or tips. Some will be in regards to posing and some will deal with the set up of a session.

I suppose I can start with the set up. It's always important to keep the area where baby will be photographed nice and toasty. So one or two portable heaters should be place outside of the area of the frame. I would also suggest using a surge protector as you never know when something may short circuit. Make sure the heaters are on a stable flat surface and the front and back areas are clear of any objects.

Here is an example from JaNa Photography 

If you are using any lights or reflector stands make sure all corresponding connectors are tightened securly. Be sure you have secured some kind of weight to the stands so they don't go falling over. This also goes for the backdrop stands. Prop wise be sure there are no sharp or loose pieces. Pad the prop very well to keep baby warm and comfy.

Now for some posing baby tips. It is always crucial to have an assistant or the mother's help during the session. Almost all shots of baby hanging in props or "holding up their own head" are composites of a few different shots.

Any of the hanging sling or nest poses, the mother or assistant will support the baby either by holding the whole body or just the neck and head while the sling, nest or similar prop is hanging, securly fastened to some support beam (ie. backdrop stand, branch or person holding it) And the baby is only a few inches above the posing bean bag, sometimes even on it.

Here is an example from Danielle Lanxton of Words are not Enough Photography

All other poses where baby seems to be propped up and supporting their own head you have the mom or your assistant hold babys head, usually with just their finger(s). This is to help keep babys head from falling backwards or sideways. Here is an image from Michelle Newell Photography that gives you an idea of how to do this.

So I hope this post has been some what helpful to you. I am by no means a pro at newborn photography. But on the rare occassion that I do have a newborn session these are a few major safety tips I keep in mind.


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