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Hi, I'm Rachel, the free spirited photographer behind
Image of the Invisible Photography
I have always had a creative eye. Senior year of high school is when my
passion for photography was truly ignited. More than fifteen years later, three kids, one grand daughter and 9 years of marriage I am still that same passionate girl from high school just with a few more wrinkles, some extra cushion and a lot more chapters in my book of life.
I shoot all over sunny Los Angeles and travel throughout Southern California and look forward  to adding more traveling to my story.
When asked what my photography niche is I like to say “life”. I am a photographer of life! Including high school seniors, special events, engagements, weddings, maternity and families. My Passion to capture those moments that tell the story of who you are at this point in time drives me to be more creative. To help open your eyes to see YOU. To capture those memories that would otherwise be forgotten in the chaos of day to day life. I look forward to capturing that perfect shot for you no matter what it takes.
So I invite you to a session with me to capture and celebrate who you are right now in life!
A few things I love:
* Jesus     * My husband     * My daughters    
*All things Mermaids & Dreamcatchers
* Essential Oils     * Yerba Mate Tea     * Donuts     * Ice Cream
* Urban Decay Book of Shadow's     *Wild Flowers     * Netflix